Bear TracksBear TracksOnly the bears have been here before me. I am a fine art photographer based in southeastern Wisconsin. In my view, photography is a powerful art form that allows me to capture my own unique observations of our surroundings and then to communicate the resulting images to others. I have learned to become a keen observer of our world, including the people and the various creatures that inhabit it.

My goal is to recognize and understand the feelings and emotions that a particular image will elicit in other people as well as myself. If I get the view just right, then all of us will probably be pleased by that certain look on a puppy’s face, the colorful symmetry in a bit of forest, or even the unexpected hues seen in an old building.

I’ve been fortunate to find a variety of locations and subjects that have allowed me to record some especially creative and inspirational photographs. In southeastern Wisconsin I’ve photographed some wonderful winter scenes along the Milwaukee County Grounds in the town of Wauwatosa. The Milwaukee lakeshore has also been productive, especially for reflective images from the expansive glass panes of the Discovery World building. I recently made a pilgrimage to Alaska in order to film the huge brown bears of Kodiak Island. These great creatures are as intimidating as all get out, but they can often be seen to play and enjoy themselves in a particularly endearing way. One of my favorite places to photograph lately is the little fishing village and artist colony of Cedar Key on the northern gulf coast of Florida. This area truly represents Old Florida at its best and it has some really wonderful birds populating its terrific islands and beaches. I hope my images show the world clearly and differently. I am happy that I can share some of these photographs with you.