Unconditional Love

Among other things, I am a photographer and a dog lover.  Of these, I’m not sure which is most important.  Maybe it doesn’t really matter since our canine friends are some of my most enjoyable photographic subjects. 


Living with two determined beagles has certainly enriched my life, and it gives me great pleasure to sneak a quick photo when they’re being, well…..beagles.  My camera and I quickly join in whenever other dogs and their owners are about to gather.  I love to see some puppy with a certain look that I just have to record and save forever.  Our furry friends give us unconditional love and endless pleasure. 


We cherish photos of our joys with them long after they’ve left this world behind.  There are times when I think of the Rainbow Bridge and my favorite pooch playing in its meadows and hills and sunshine as he waits for me to come along. When that time does finally come, I know that my old friend will be there once again to give me his most enthusiastic greeting.  Then the two of us can walk together crossing that Bridge to enter into Heaven.