Morning Glory Images

I planted Morning Glory seeds on a cold, bleary morning. When they emerged I first thought they were weeds, but I was mistaken.

Over the summer I was able to observe and photograph the daily life and death of the Morning Glory. In my mind’s eye I was able to see beyond the simple flower. It is a work of art; a Morning Glory is not merely a flower. It is life.

I photographed from sunrise to sunset with natural light, using my Canon 20D camera with a Canon macro lens.

The Morning Glories awake each morning, their buds looking to the light. Not all are able, and some retreat to try another day. Each open flower provides beauty for us and food for whomever is flying by. Delicate by nature they will wither if we interrupt their daily life. Constantly reaching for the sun their vines grow taller. As darkness descends and the sun sets so do the flowers retreat. Some dying, and some curling up, waiting for a brand new day.