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The butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and color. They appear so ethereal and fragile, much like fairies, as they float by. Colorful flowers attract them as they gather pollen. They teach us to enjoy the moment, they swoop ,soar and disappear.
ColorBeautiful  MothbutterflyWide  Yellow WingsSpringtime in CedarKey, FloridaA Butterfly PerchHungry Monarch ButterflyButterfly LoveCedar-Key-spring-2014-0088 2Attraction2E2FD3E1-7B8A-44DD-A379-DC7E682E0D21CA66CE01-BD40-4938-A26B-B58C777E1EB412B14D4B-B398-4D21-BA61-63424922E06994C39F6B-27A0-4A84-9A78-31AC308D0E64BCB52EF3-EBC4-4879-9BD6-629F99C6DC10

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