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Birds represent some of our best photographic subjects. A bird in flight is a beautiful thing. We humans can barely make it off the ground, even for an instant. So for us it is an inspiration to see a huge frigate bird soaring effortlessly across the sky, or a tiny hummingbird holding steady to a flower. How do they do it at all, let alone with such agility and grace? And where would wildlife photography be without our avian friends?

A bird's color is often vibrant and almost always perfectly organized. Scientists tell us that their color resides in their feathers and comes from both pigments and microscopic structures that refract light. The range of patterns and colors displayed by our feathered friends is truly amazing.
Vibrant And ColorfulProud PeacockAmerica's National SymbolRoseate spoonbillPelicansPicture Perfect PelicansJust FishingHigh flightwading at sunsetIMG_0084Great Blue HeronFlorida's birds HeronWhich Way?Still LifeReflective PelicansThe ComedianLandingowlTiny HawkIMG_2334

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